5. Signup ZeroTier, learn how to create your private network.


What is ZeroTier?

Sign up for ZeroTier

Step 1: Sign up a ZeroTier account at https://www.zerotier.com/
Step 2: An email with instructions to verify your email address will be sent. You need to verify your email address to activate your account.

How to create a private network?

Step 1: Login to your ZeroTier account.
Step 2: Click on Create A Network on the welcome page.
notion image
This will create a new private ZeroTier network and it will show up on the page like so:
notion image
The 16-digit hexadecimal code is the Network ID. This network ID is what you'll use to join your devices to the network from the ZeroTier Client.
You can make changes to the network configuration e.g. network name by clicking on the name itself.
notion image
This will bring you to the Settings page where you configure the settings of your private network. In this case, I changed the network name to privatenetwork1.
notion image
Ensure that Access Control remains set to Private. This ensures that only approved machines can connect to your network, and not just anyone who happens to know your Network ID.
notion image
*Note that any changes you make will be saved and applied automatically.
We have successfully signed up a ZeroTier account and created a new private network. The next step will be to install the ZeroTier software on the Linux VM to allow it to connect to the SDN.