7. Repeat earlier step with an end-(jump)-point that you want to SSH to your Linux VM.


Create an endpoint

Refer to Goal 1 for steps on how to create a Linux VM.
notion image
i-05 → First Linux VM that was created (the VM that will be SSH into)
i-06 → Second Linux VM that was created (endpoint VM that will SSH into the first VM)

Install ZeroTier and join the private network

Refer to Goal 6 on installation of ZeroTier and joining of private network.
notion image
i-05's ZeroTier address → dbeb3a1e3b
i-06's ZeroTier address → 991c1452c8
notion image
i-05's private IP address →
i-06's private IP address →
With that, we have connected two Linux VMs to the private software-defined network.