Builder Evaluation

Overview of Builder

Builder is a drag and drop page builder and CMS for React, Vue, Angular etc. It connects to your existing site or application and enables everyone on your team to create and manage content, all without touching a single line of code. The content created in Builder can then be published and synced to your live site or apps instantly.

Setting up Builder

To set up builder, all you need to do is signup at After signing up, login using your newly created account. Once logged in, you can start creating pages for your website.
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Builder APIs/Webhooks

Builder APIs + webhooks documentation:
There are 5 APIs including webhooks supported in Builder that you can find in the link I provided above. Since the other 4 APIs are not relevant to what I am looking for, I will only be focusing on the webhook API in this section.
As documented in the link above, Builder has built-in webhooks. To add a webhook for a model, go to the models page and choose the model you want to edit. Then scroll down and choose "show advanced" then "edit webhooks". As shown in the screenshot below, you need to enter a URL for Builder to POST to with the updated content. Builder will POST to the endpoint you provide every time content is published, unpublished, archived, or deleted.
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With this webhook, it could be possible to use it to signal UI events to a controller. Some testing would need to be done to confirm this.


Builder has webhooks that can be used to POST to an endpoint whenever there is a change to the content of your webpage. Whenever a new case card is created, you could use the webhook to signal to the controller to update the board. However, more research and exploration needs to be done on how to recreate the boards.
Might be possible to port the work done from Wekan.