OpenEDR Sizing

OpenEDR Sizing


Sizing Tasks



I have so many endpoints, what backend-resources do I need to monitor them & keep records for N months?


Every X day of the month, we will reboot for all kiosks. How long does it take to clear the event-queue such that we go back to normal monitoring again?

Resources & Processing Time

  • These are the typical questions from various stake-holders.
  • We answer in terms of the resources needed to support a number of endpoints.
  • Estimate of how long it takes to clear a surge in the event-queue.
  • Backend resources in terms of (v)CPU, RAM & Storage sizes.
  • Processing in terms of ProcessCreate per second since ProcessCreate is the pre-cursor to almost all other system events related to other I/Os.

What are the considerations?

Have a look at the diagram below before listing out what else needs to be measured?
Once you listed out the considerations, need to translate considerations to action-items & then we discuss further.