React-Kanban Evaluation

Overview of React-Kanban

A Kanban board lib for your React application.

Setting up React-Kanban

Follow the steps in the link provided to install react-kanban in your project. Since there is already a working demo at, I will use it to explore the functionalities of react-kanban.
notion image

React-Kanban APIs/Webhooks

Based on the documentation in GitHub, the APIs supported are not relevant to us. The APIs is to allow users to either have a controlled or uncontrolled board. More information about controlled/uncontrolled board can be found here: I was unable to find webhooks on react-kanban as well.


Similar to React-Trello, React-Kanban looks and functions similarly like Wekan. Likewise, React-Kanban also has the same issue as React-Trello i.e. both do not have built-in webhooks.
Since React-Kanban is similar to Wekan, I do not see the need to change the frontend from Wekan to React-Kanban.