React-Trello Evaluation

Overview of React-Trello

Pluggable components to add a Trello (like) kanban board to your application.

Setting up React-Trello

You can install react-trello to your React application using npm:
$ npm install --save react-trello
Instead of starting from scratch, I found links to a working react-trello storybook and a sample project that uses react-trello on its GitHub. I will be using both to explore the functionalities of react-trello.
React-Trello storybook:
notion image
Sample React project using react-trello (clone the project from :
notion image

React-Trello APIs/Webhooks

I was unable to find a list of APIs supported in react-trello. Hence, I went to look if it supports webhooks. As mentioned in my evaluation of storybook, storybook does not have built-in webhooks. Likewise, I could not find webhooks in the sample react-trello project.


React-Trello looks and functions similarly like Wekan. You are able to create cards, create tags for cards, drag-n-drop cards etc.
Since React-Trello is similar to Wekan, I do not see the need to change the frontend from Wekan to React-Trello.