Datablocks Evaluation

Overview of Datablocks

Datablocks is a node based editor with several blocks for processing and visualizing data. It's based on the open source library React Flow.
Official website:

Setting up Datablocks

No installation is required for datablocks. All you need to do is to create a datablocks account by clicking on "Sign Up" as shown in the screenshot below. Once you have verified your email address, login to start using datablocks.
notion image

Datablocks Functionalities

There are a total of 5 blocks in Datablocks:
notion image
The main purpose of Datablocks is to explore and visualize data that you input without any coding involved. Example of data visualization that I created in Datablocks using sample data:
notion image
Flow of what I did: Input csv file → Filter out rows where ladder score is empty → Slice data to extract only the first 10 rows → Visualize data in barchart format
Total of 4 visualization formats to choose from:
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Rather than being a UI library/tool, Datablocks is more of a tool to process and visualize dataset. The processing/visualization options in Datablocks can be useful in areas like machine learning. Since Datablocks does not fit the needs of our frontend, I would not recommend Datablocks as the frontend library.