YJ's Internship

YJ's Internship

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Planned Activities

Kick Off Meeting
Why focus on Attack Surface? (Experience SSHD brute-force...)
Visualise "Normal" Use-Cases
Monitor Attacks
OpenEDR Sizing
OpenEDR Enhancements

A Bigger Picture

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Notion 101

Video preview

In-line comments or discussions

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Click that icon to start the comment input interface, then use @ followed by username.
Depending on how you allowed notification settings for notification on your device or OS, you will need to get into the app in order to see the notification(s).

Setting a reminder

  • Again use @ & there should be a menu to choose a date.
  • Default format is relative date (eg. today, tomorrow...), may be better to use another format

Jym's TODO

  • Setup Google meet & send invite to YJ
  • Download supervisor checklist