Kick Off Meeting

Agenda (11 May)

First Kick-off with YJ Tuesday, May 11 · 10:00 – 11:00 Google Meet joining info Video call link:
  1. Setup expectation & timeline for Experience Attack Surface
  1. Discuss planning of Attack Surface mini-problem
  1. Any Other Matter (eg. temp pass, his PC specs)


  • Length of entire internship? 27 Aug last day
  • What are milestones as per SIT's module requirements (eg. reports etc)
    • <Enumerate here>



  • Specific areas you are interested...
  • Specific questions related to organisation
  • anything else?


  • Daily record of work, include road-blocks, set-backs etc
  • Comments/thoughts be near the deliverables; KISS principle
  • How to decide what is appropriate to put into public space?


Work station spec

  • Can it run 2 VMs?

Additional VMs