Laska Evaluation

Overview of Laska

Laska is a visual editor to create user interfaces for React Native. You can drag components onto the screen and change their properties fast and intuitively.
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Setting up Laska

You can start using Laska by creating an account and signing in as shown below in the screenshot.
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One feature of Laska is the CLI i.e. command line interface. This lets you push and pull files at any time. It is useful for having developers and less-technical people like designers to collaborate together.
More information about the CLI can be found here:

Laska Functionalities

Here is most of the components that you can create in Laska:
notion image
Looking at the available components in Laska, I do not see a way in which you could recreate the cards/boards that were done in Wekan.


The main issue with Laska is the lack of relevant UI components for us to recreate the work that was done in Wekan. Likely reason behind this is because Laska is still in beta. Furthermore, while researching on Laska, I found this article: This article was written by the founder in May 2020. As the title suggests, the founder stated that he will be discontinuing Laska for now. No return date was included in the article. Since there is no way to port the work done with Wekan, I would not recommend Laska as the new frontend library.