Notion Relational Tags

Notion Relational Tags

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Apr 3, 2022 03:10 AM
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Apr 9, 2022 04:56 AM

Why not the default tags property?

I don’t find it useful since you can’t navigate to other related entries with it.

What is Relational Tag?

A relation property:
notion image
You need to link the Relation property to a database under the main public page:
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How to use it?

  • Just type a string in your new page, existing “tag” or create a new page as a “tag”
  • Each tag page will list all other pages tagged for that topic

Quirks with Potion

All contents on this site are written & stored in Notion (literally my 2nd brain & work OS) but some pages made pretty with custom domain name, SEO friendly & so on, with Potion. The following quirks are irrelevant for those using Notion Share-to-Web directly.

Showing first relation tag by default

Let’s say you have an article with multiple tags based on a relation property, the 2nd tag will not be shown until you add a link to the tag page somewhere in your contents:
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This won’t happen when you use Notion URL share directly:

Same limitation applicable to tag pages too

notion image

Only the 1st view is shown

On the left is what appears in Notion app, the right Potion hosted page:
notion image
Tags is an embedded in-line database with a gallery view (doesn’t matter if you switch view).