First Principle Approach

He devised a RINSE Attack Life Cycle approach to bridge communications & understanding between business & technical collaborators. RINSE model explains the conditions for any successful attacks & prescribes repeatable defensive tactics to disrupt attacks based on first principles.
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Explain Visually

Jym was an Executive Producer of a Work-Plan Seminar video segment during his National Service (Singapore's conscription) specialising in Contingency Planning, it helped him honed his media communications skills. He recently produced a short explainer video (embedded below) for a corporate visit.

Apply Creatively

His creative applications of technologies helped him through different roles from software & data engineering, complex solution consultancy & delivery, cyber-security research & translation to products.
FreeEDR is his latest creation, translating publicly funded research works to a Minimal Viable Product that helps Small-Medium Enterprise improve Cyber-Security posture.
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