Cyber Security in 7 weeks

Cyber Security in 7 weeks

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Nov 14, 2022 11:41 AM
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Dec 26, 2023 02:16 AM
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Get there faster in 7 weeks so you don’t end up like Joe!
Want to learn about “Cyber-Security” but not sure where to start or you are already overwhelmed & confused by the sheer amount of noise out there? This is the right place!

Why you should read further?

Stand out & BE HIRED!
I had a few batches of undergrad interns, almost all of them were well equipped by me to be hired very quickly:
  • Jon started with zero experience, got spotted & hired by DSTA towards tail end of internship while contesting in their Capture-the-Flag event.
Ok ok.. enough of social proofing…

Are my “materials” good enough?

I drafted keynote speech for my boss’s boss who presented at Singapore’s Govware 2022.
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Editor-in-Chief of Cyber Startup Observatory found my past interview worthy of republishing.
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A subset of my past achievements (Jym, you are just showing off… just get me to the gists!):
  1. As Intern (2003), I developed the 1st multi-user WinCE Singapore Police Force Traffic Enforcement app (that’s way before things like iOS & Android) & augmented native mail app to enforce multi-user AES storage encryption.
  1. Knowledge-Transfer of 1st batch of Singapore ICA (immigration) passport scanners was pioneered by me. I also pioneered the product development of > 50% cost-effective versions of such multi-illumination optical scanners that are deployed in ALL money changers in Singapore.
  1. Created the first ICAO PKI LDS verification SDK used by Immigration hand-held devices based on WinCE.
  1. Early generation of SingPass (national authentication system) root cause analysis to trace very obscure issues through the use of visual source-code analysis, in < 1 week of joining ex-company. It was troubleshooting secure codes within Hardware Security Module enclaves.
  1. Product development & patent of a virtual printer driver that cut down the time to deliver service-value from months to days. I also designed & implemented self-service software licensing sub-systems to encourage adoption of optical security solutions.
  1. Delivered ST Engineering Cyber Security Operations Center on time & within budget (a few million SGD). As technical lead, I drafted Tender Technical Specifications, managed Product Testing & Vendor short-listing, project delivery … to co-development of detection use-cases along side with HPE Security consultants, & as advisor to various business stake-holders. Before that, I was deeply involved with other government SOCs to learn various pain-points, in-depth understanding of what works & what doesn’t.
  1. Test & Evaluation of cutting edge startups. Grew a team of fresh hire & mid-career engineers to evaluate product categories that are now buzz-words. We tested cutting edge stuff (then) to understand strengths & weaknesses. Things like Malware Sandboxes, Remote-Browsers, Continous Validation, Cyber-Range Automation, Endpoint Detection & Response, User Endpoint Behaviorial Analytics & the likes.
Author of Free Endpoint Defense & Response platform (2021 to now), design & developed end-to-end, from host sensors, event transportation to backend analytics & operations UI.

Getting Started (2 weeks)

Concepts & Mental Models
Practical Hands-on to strengthen understanding & applications Let’s start with the 2 most deployed Operating Systems on this planet:

Rethink & Revamp (2 weeks - Working on it)

  • Goodbye Passwords!
  • Where are your perimeters?
  • Disrupting Code-Execution

For Developers (3 weeks - Coming soon)

Already good at programming? Try these!
  • Develop Ransomware protection agent
  • Develop event linking & process attribution with Graph Database
  • Defensible Architectures - Distributed . Immutable . Ephemeral system design properties
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